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Falmouth Marine Band (Estd. 1989) and Falmouth Marching Carnival (Managed by FMB since 2006) are part of our non-profit organisation. Every penny collected by our charitable volunteers and supporters are donated to Cornish and good causes to support the local community.

We love a good Cornish sing-song, sippin a Cornish Ale, supporting Cornish Rugby, the Sea and bringing the ‘Spirit of Falmouth’ and fun to the people we meet as we march to the cacophony of our tin drums.

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Falmouth Carnival
Sat 7th Aug 2021


We will be at Falmouth Carnival 7th August 18:30


Marine Band 

Estd. 1989

The Falmouth Marine Band was originally formed in 1989 by Dave Spargo and Collin Bennett as a one-off attempt to support what was then a failing town carnival. It was then, and remains today, a bit of fun!.

When it was realised that there was a public demand for the marching cacophony, our volunteers and supporters started collecting money as we marched, and true to this day every penny collected by the Falmouth Marine Band is donated to support Cornish causes and the local community.

The Band do not support national charities, but try and fill a gap locally, supporting young people and others who may not get any help.


The defining moment for the Falmouth Marine Band came on April 20th in 1991, when we supported Trelawney’s Army in a march around Twickenham in front of 50,000 Cornish Rugby supporters, in an incredible County Championship final in which Cornwall beat Yorkshire in extra time. The victory has gone down in Cornish history as the greatest comeback and set the Duchy fans delirious with delight ever since. From that date onwards, the Falmouth Marine Band has been considered the 16th player in Cornish Rugby. Today we not only support the County team but also the Cornish Pirates and other local teams by marching by invitation to entertain the crowds pre and post match, often sampling local Cornish Ales and partaking in Cornish traditional sing songs.

The Falmouth Marine Band also appear by invitation with our collecting tins at many parades, carnivals and regattas throughout Cornwall. Each appearance at a Cornwall parade or Carnival is subject to careful and meticulous planning from the Bands HQ at The Seven Stars Falmouth.

A visitors first experience of the band is often the faint sound of a drumming beat and the reverential mutterings around the gathered crowd of “Falmouth Marine Band”. The Falmouth Marine Band are best known by the variety of uniforms and fancy-dress costumes which we change annually at the start of the Falmouth Carnival.

Military precision we do not do, this it is not a term easily associated with such a fine body of free spirited individuals. Visitors reactions change from complete astonishment to smiles then laughter and cheers as the Falmouth Marine Band march past playing what the French call a “cacophony of l’humour anglais” on our drums and tins, stopping every so often to fire our feather canon.

Today our band of merry men are led by band leader Keith Hosen who carries on the traditions set by legendary band leaders of old; Chris Fallowfield, Paul Wicks (President), Dave Spargo (honorary President) and Jim ‘The Crane’ Boyd before him.

Great fun and always in a good cause. Do not miss the opportunity to savour the unique vision and sound of the Falmouth Marine Band if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.

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